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The Unexpected Cost of Owning a Dog, Learn Before Taking It

cost of owning a dog
If you have added a new member to your family that has four legs and shows love and affection in a different way then you have made the first step toward creating a happy and healthy environment for a very lucky puppy. With puppy ownership comes a lot of unexpected dog expenses.

How to Prepare for The Unexpected

The first type of expense you need to consider is the most basic: that of purchasing the dog and the ancillary 'front end' expenses. These include the purchase or adoption fee, shelter fees, agency fees, and maybe more (licensing, microchipping, etc.).

A crate will be necessary when you purchase a puppy. Remember that you need to buy one that will either grow with the puppy or one that will give the dog enough room when it reaches full size. You may have to guess at this size but you can get a general idea by researching online and speaking with your breeder or veterinarian.

cost of neutering a dog
Then you have the expense of food and appropriate dishes for that and for water. Remember that a puppy will go through dish after dish if they are made from plastic material because they make wonderful teething toys when the pup craves chewing. Don't reach for your china or stoneware.

You might have bowls the right size, but those are breakable and an energetic push from a puppy's nose can mean disaster. Look for stainless steel. bowls: they are safe, you can toss them in the dishwasher to clean them, and they can't be torn up. Pups may be able to carry them around (and make noise when they bang them!) but they are not going to destroy them.

Then There's the Necessary Expense Of a Good Leash

Remember that a dog will chew its leash on occasion, so it must be made from the best material. You'll save on buying one that is adjustable as the puppy grows into a dog.

Occasional yet regular expenses include veterinary visits. You will want to take your puppy on a first doctor visit for an overall health check-up and to learn the schedule of necessary shots and vaccinations that the dog will need to keep it healthy in your area. That may be the only care a healthy dog ever needs, 

average cost of a dog

But if your pet becomes ill or injured, it may need emergency veterinary care and that can get very expensive. You may want to consider paying for a dog health insurance policy or program, which will reduce your out-of-pocket expenses drastically in return for an annual set fee.

If your pup does develop unforeseen health problems, medication expenses will arise as well. As the puppy gets older, he or she may need heartwarming, or flea or tick medication to stay insect-free in your particular geographic region. 

The Monthly Cost Of A Dog Will Affect Your Budget

These expenses are annual; you may find medications are less expensive by ordering them on the Internet rather than purchasing them from your veterinarian. Some national pet veterinary clinics have a matching-price policy. Ask your animal health care providers for advice on controlling these costs.

Training and obedience classes may also be something that you want to consider as an investment. After all, you want your puppy to be a well-mannered part of the family. Large or small, dogs need the training to be the kind of pet we desire. Walking on a leash, heeding human instructions and other behaviors might best be learned by you and your pet when you get instruction from an experienced trainer.

average cost of a dog per year
You will need to purchase dog food in stages: puppy food for puppies, then growing food for the 'teen' years. Then switch to adult dog food, and finally, to senior dog food for our aged companions. Check out food prices at the stores in your neighborhood before deciding on the right puppy for you. 

Obviously, a Rottweiler eats considerably more than a Chihuahua! Be sure you can afford to provide the proper nutrition for the breed you select. These are the major different expenses to consider when raising a puppy. It will be worth every penny.

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