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Boxer Dogs Facts: This Is the Perfect Family Pet

boxer dogs
In this fast-paced life, where we don’t get much time to relax and unwind ourselves, Animals and Pets seem to one of the popular choices to distress our lives. Adding an animal to your life is a healthy sign of happiness and joy. With a family where you have kids, or you live solo, pet animals are key to adding the charm and relaxation that you can’t really get elsewhere. 

While there is a wide range of dogs, the breed ‘Boxer’ has gained a considerable amount of popularity in recent times. Ranking on number 6, these dogs are loved by many and are always in demand.  A lot of information about boxer dogs encompasses their physical features, eating habits, and behavior. The name ‘Boxer’ itself was derived from its behavior. The way it uses its front paws while standing on its hind legs gave it the Boxer title.

Boxer Dogs – Perfect Pet for your Happy Life!

funniest boxer dogs
If you and your family are looking for a fun animal and want to make it part of your family, the right information about boxer dog below shall help you decide and learn about this breed.

Physical Features

A boxer is a muscular, short-haired square-shaped muzzle. Its height usually is between 21 to 25 inches. Its chest is usually puffed with pride and its lower jaw is bigger than the upper jaw. Its fur is silky shiny in shades of the faun, darker browns, and reds. This breed is highly popular because of its fur coat. A boxer usually has an alert expression on its face, as if it’s always inquisitive and alert. Worldwide, boxers are known for their droopy eyes and happy affectionate temperament.

Behavior and Likings

The key information about boxer dog is their set of happy and responsible behavior. They have proved to be a great addition to families with elderly people, kid’s adults, all age groups. Keeping everyone happy and cheerful is their best trait. On the other hand, they are strong and responsible. They are known t serve the Police as well. Trained to keep security checks etc they are super reliable dogs, known as seeing-dogs. In America, Germany, and other parts of the world, they are also used as Military dogs as Pack carriers, guard dogs, etc.  Boxers are known to get trained easily. They are playful and super hyper. They like to be busy and have a happy vibe all the time.

Feeding your Boxer

Food habit information about boxer dog breed comprises of proper proportions of meat. They like to fish, chicken rabbit, and beef as well as dry foods. Keep the right balance of their meals twice or thrice a day. Feeding your boxer dog a high-quality diet is important for a long and healthy diet. Avoid feeding food with soy, wheat, or corn in any form. This does not give the best nutrition and can offset their digestion. Focus on Protein and Carbohydrates.

Add the habit of treating your boxer dog, every now and then. They are super responsive and love when they are treated with dog biscuits for their good behavior, learning of a new skill, or when they are surrounded by kids and children.

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