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Beagle Facts And Info: Dogs That Are Fun And Loving

beagle facts
Beagles are known as hound dogs that are fun and loving toward everyone. Beagles date back to the 15th and 16th centuries. The name beagle is associated with the French word be'geuele, which means gape throat. Often considered to be ever charming and cuddly, beagles, have a hunter's mentality that is formidable among dog breeds. It is recommended when they are young not to keep non-canine animals in their midst because of this.

Beagles Are The ‘Goldilocks’

Beagles are very trainable dogs, but they require a firm hand. Beagles have a crying bark that mimics that of a howl, rather than your typical dog bark. This breed of dog develops a guard dog mentally with his owner. Beagles are curious dogs by nature and will regularly seek and search out scents and whiffs of various items and smells.

Beagles enjoy the outdoor sunlight and regard daily walks as both peaceful and enchanting. Possessing great strength and stamina when compared to other types of dogs, beagles can endure lots of exercises. Beagles do not require heavy maintenance like other dog breeds, as they do not shed much. Mild shampoos and soap choices are their forte as their minimal haired coating is very easy to keep clean.

beagle dog facts
Beagles tend to live up to fifteen years and are prone to heart disease, dwarfism like bassets, and eye issues. Beagles are extremely popular in the United States due to their hounds like exterior and lovable nature. Due to this popularity, beagles are often used by the narcotics divisions of various police departments and federal agencies.

Why are Beagles Such a Popular Breed?

Other than those innocent looking big brown eyes and sweet faces, what makes beagles such a popular breed?  You may think beagles aren't all that smart, but actually, quite the opposite is true - beagles are as "smart as a fox" so to speak.

When most people think of beagles, they think of the "nose" first and foremost.  In many peoples' minds, the beagle is constantly on the hunt.  This, in fact, is very true.  Hunters and sportsmen are particularly partial to the beagle because once he tracks a scent, it's hard to get him off of it.  Of course, this can be a detriment when you want to turn your dog's interest to something else, but most hunters are glad to have a dog that is so dedicated.

beagle facts wikipedia
Another reason beagles are so popular with families is that they get along famously with children.  Children, particularly those that are very young, can dish out a lot of abuse during playtime, but beagles can take it.  Beagles are one of the best breeds to choose from for those who have children at home. Those looking for a dog that is loyal and lively should consider the beagle; even Charlie Brown loved his brown-eyed companion.

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