Yesterday’s fashion, today’s surplus: Chihuahuas

by Rebecca on February 15, 2012

in Animals in the News

Albert, a 1 year old short coat Chihuahua mix, available for adoption from the Seattle Humane Society, after being shipped from California, where shelters are overcrowded. Shelter staff described him as “full of life and fun and is bound to keep you entertained.”


By Kari Huus,

Was it Paris Hilton, or someone else, who first made the Chihuahua a fashion statement?

In any case, celebrities toting the tiny dogs helped make them an haute couture accessory. Now — like other fashions — they are moving to the next phase: overstock.

Animal shelters in California, especially in Southern California are overflowing with Chihuahuas. With many of them at risk of being euthanized en masse at facilities where animals “time out” if they are not adopted, animal rescue groups have jumped in to airlift packs of the little canines to safer homes.

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