Wonderful Cheetah Family

by Rebecca on December 3, 2010

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A cheetah with her six cubs in Massai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, all in a
row. With six hungry mouths to feed, there’s only one thing a mother can do
– teach the kids to hunt. 


This cheetah mom and her unusually large family seem to be making good
progress, even if her four-month-old playful cubs sometimes forget hunting
for some rough and tumble play instead. 



She no doubt has her paws full with the rambunctious brood. 


This rambunctious brood are a real credit to their mother’s ingenuity and
dedication. As well as teaching them to hunt, she has to keep them hidden
from predators, frequently changing hiding places to keep their enemies


Then she has to put up with their rather boisterous behavior – six times
over. These family photos were taken in the Masai Mara National Reserve,
Kenya, and show that she is managing beautifully so far. 


UP HERE! The cheetah led her brood up a tree for a better look at the
beautiful surroundings. She’ll have her paws full for some time since Cheetah cubs
don’t leave their mothers until they are 18 months old. 



Mom didn’t have much time to prepare for her six-fold blessing since Cheetah
pregnancies only last about three months. 

C Paolo Torchio 

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