Wild Justice on National Geographic Channel

by Rebecca on March 9, 2012

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Wild Justice: Caught Red-Handed

Sunday, March 11, at 9P ET/PT

Warden Brian Boyd, his K9 partner Phoebe, and the Shasta County Sheriff’s Department are part of a Marijuana Eradication Team. In the pre-dawn hours, they mount a raid on a multimillion dollar illegal growing operation. The torrential rain not only makes the long trek more dangerous and challenging, it dulls the scent detection abilities of the K9 tracker. After hours of hiking, they finally find the growers’ camp and storm it. K9 Phoebe bites one suspect on the head to stop him from fleeing.


Video “Prolific Poacher” – Wardens hit the motherload when they search this poacher’s garage.



Wild Justice: Shooting Spree
Sunday, March 11, at 10P ET/PT

In the Sequoia National Forest, Fish and Game wardens work to shut down a wild rave where hard drugs and hard-partying teens run rampant. In Northern California, Warden Kyle Kroll gets a radio call about shots fired. It’s unclear who the good guys and bad guys are. All Kroll knows is that there has been a shooting spree and some people are badly wounded and need medical attention . . . and they might be armed and dangerous. Warden Kroll also launches an investigation to find a convicted poacher who allegedly kidnapped a baby deer and is keeping it inside his home and letting it sleep with his children.

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