US State Animal Babies

by Rebecca on April 3, 2014

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Along with other symbols like trees, drinks and even rock songs, U.S. States have chosen a variety of animals to officially represent it. Regardless of whether these state mascots are mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds or insects, their babies are usually pretty cute.

Alabama: American black bear

Alaska: Moose


Arizona: Ring-tailed cat

TK TK gifs

Arkansas: Mockingbird

California: Gray Whale

gray whale baby

Colorado: Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep

rocky mountain bighorn lamb

Connecticut: Sperm Whale


Delaware: Grey Fox

Florida: Florida Panther

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Georgia: Right Whale

rocky mountain bighorn lamb

Hawaii: Hawaiian Monk Seal

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Idaho: Appaloosa Horse

appaloosa horse baby

Illinois: White Tailed Deer

Indiana: Northern Cardinal

baby northern cardinal

Iowa: American Goldfinch


Kansas: American Bison


Kentucky: Gray Squirrel

Louisiana State Dog: Louisiana Catahoula leopard dog


Maine: Maine Coon Cat

maine coon kitten

Maryland State Dog: Chesapeake Bay retriever

chesapeake bay retriever puppy

Massachusetts State Dog: Boston Terrier

boston terrier baby

Michigan: Painted Turtle

painted turtle baby

Minnesota State Bird: Loon

loon baby

Mississippi: Bottlenose Dolphin

bottlenosed dolphin baby

Missouri: Missouri Fox Trotter


Montana: Grizzly Bear (Image:

Nebraska: White-tailed Deer

whitetailed deer baby

Nevada: Desert Bighorn

Desert Bighorn baby

New Hampshire: White Tailed Deer

New Jersey: Horse

baby horse

New Mexico: Black Bear

New York: Beaver

North Carolina: Gray Squirrel

North Dakota: Nokota Horse (Image: Full Moon Rising (which sells Nokota Horses)


Ohio: White Tailed Deer

Oklahoma: Raccoon

baby raccoon

Oregon: Beaver

Pennsylvania State Dog: Great Dane

Rhode Island: Rhode Island Red Chicken

rhode island red chicken baby

South Carolina: White Tailed Deer

South Dakota: Coyote

Tennessee: Raccoon

Texas: Nine-banded armadillo

Utah: Rocky Mountain Elk

Rocky Mountain Elk (Cervus canadensis nelsoni) Calf DDZ_6013

Vermont: Morgan Horse (Image: Flickr user Adam Franco)

morgan horse baby

Virginia State Dog: American Foxhound

Washington: Killer Whale

killer whale baby

West Virginia: Black Bear

Wisconsin: American Badger

horned lizard baby

Wyoming: American Buffalo

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