Too Cute Red Panda Cubs

by Rebecca on December 8, 2010

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Sleepy Red Panda Cubs in Knoxville

On June 14th, the Knoxville Zoo welcomed two fuzzy Red Panda cubs. As you
can see below, the then three-week-old cubs were happy and healthy. [The
Knoxville Zoo has been a leader in Red Panda breeding and conservation with
98 births since their first pair arrived in 1977. Red pandas are also known
as “firefoxes.”]

Now almost six months old, the cubs are exhibiting the trademark playfulness
of their age:

Knoxville Zoo’s enormously adorable 13-week-old panda cubs are now on exhibit at The Boyd Family Red Panda Village! Born to mother Akkali and father Chewbacca, the two female cubs are the two most important females in the red panda population due to the rarity of their bloodlines.

 The cubs will be on exhibit daily in The Boyd Family Red Panda Village nursery beginning Friday, September 17 between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. The cubs are being hand-reared by keepers due to concerns that they were being groomed too zealously by their mother shortly after birth, which resulted in skin abrasions. The cubs also underwent a bout with pneumonia, but responded well to treatment and both are playful, active and thriving.

 Knoxville Zoo ranks as one of the top two zoos in the world in the breeding of endangered red pandas. Red pandas are endangered primarily due to destruction of their native habitat, which extends from western Nepal to northern Myanmar.


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