The Incredible Dr. Pol

by Rebecca on August 24, 2012

in Pet Talk

From Website:

With more than 19,000 patients, Dr. Pol has seen it all. Specializing in
large farm animals, this senior is anything but retiring as he takes an old
school, no-nonsense approach to veterinary medicine. Unflappable and
unstoppable, this Doc routinely puts in 14-hour days and is a legend in the
community. In this new series, we’ll travel with him across rural Michigan
to care for every family pet and head of livestock in need of his expertise
and kindness.

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Tornado Warning


Dr. Pol is busy with clients when the tornado sirens start blaring. The
whole clinic, including the owners and pets, must move to the basement for
their safety and ride out the storm.

Video: Horse Castration – A rescued horse needs Dr. Pol’s expertise to help
calm his disposition.

Photo: Dr. Pol outside his barn. Photo by: Super! Alright!

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