Teach a Dog To Swim

by Rebecca on June 16, 2008

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Amy Dunphy

You want your dog to swim?

We’re going to try to give some advice on how to teach a dog how
to swim and some general safety issues. As always check with your
vet on any medical questions.

Teaching a dog to swim:

I would suggest starting your dog out in a pool or shallow lake
where you can enter the water with your dog. Many dogs will be
more confident if you are standing with them if they are nervous
about venturing out on their own. So by walking out, you can
build their confidence before letting them go on their own. Bring
a favorite toy with you and encourage them out further by tossing
the toy short distances and swimming over to it.

Some tips:

Bring another dog who knows how to swim along to help encourage
your pet to try.

There are life vests (life jackets) you can purchase to aide in
teaching your dog. These usually have handles that you can hold
onto easily and are helpful for getting a dog back into a boat.

Water Freaking

Here is a common problem. Your pup goes off and won’t come back.
You have two choices, swim out and get them, or wait until they
get tired and come back.

I use a two toy approach to retrieving and swimming. I always
keep one close by so I can toss it near me. Try to make a lot of
noise to get their attention and toss it into the shallow water.
Tennis balls are not the best choice as they can get lodged in
the throat blocking the airway. I really like kong retrieving
toys or retrieving bumpers.

Afterwards, make sure you RINSE your dog with fresh water to get
out any bacteria or chemicals. You can also rinse your dog before
hand to help the water not absorb into the coat hair.

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