by Rebecca on March 31, 2010

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Strays is a well crafted story about a woman’s spiritual journey and the animals that guide her. Jeanne Webster does a wonderful job showing the importance of animals and people in both the physical and spiritual world. She describes the scenery and surroundings vividly and allows you to be transported to the Carolina mountains. The main character, Jane, has conversations with life around her that show her quest to be a better person and have a better understanding. The stray dog Max helps her find her way, and other animals and plants provide guidance as well. This book provides important life lessons and inspires you to be a better person. This book is a great present for someone trying to find their purpose or is going through difficult times.
Product description:
Here is a novel of profound wisdom and amazing insight. This story belongs to any woman and every man who has ever struggled with their destinies. Heralded by the Humane Society of the United States as revealing journey about the importance of animals and our environment to our whole existence both spiritual and physical and pitched as Conversations with God meets Dr. Dolittle, this novel reconnects man with the wisdom of an intelligent planet. Jane Morgan is standing at the corner of “The Rest of Your Life” and “Welcome to Reality.” Laid off from her first job as a staff writer for a prominent Atlanta newspaper and struggling in a dysfunctional relationship, Jane finds herself ill-equipped to navigate her world. Disillusioned, miserable and angry with God, she retreats to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains to take stock of the life she’s created so far. Unwilling to drift along accepting whatever life throws her way, she begs for guidance and direction. When a bump on the head unlocks a marvelous seventh sense in Jane; she discovers she is able to hear the voices of the animals and plants that share this planet with us. Guided by Max, a stray dog, she is led beyond the veil of a world she thought she knew into a secreted reality few ever witness. With Max at her side, Jane finds nature’s blueprint for living, spoken from the lips of those who embody the wisdom. Chapter by chapter Jane is privy to life lessons revealed by Grandfather Oak, the Great Snake, Grandmother Willow, White Bear and others, whose stories empower her personal journey.

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