Strange Pictures

by Rebecca on December 4, 2010

in Animal Pictures,Funny Animal Pictures

A plankton bloom pictured off the coast of The Republic of Namibia. The
Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra
satellite captured this natural-colour image of ocean waters glowing a
bright peacock green off the northern Namibian coast

This may look like a fried or poached egg floating in water, but it is in
fact a fried egg jellyfish. A batch of the unusual creatures – which are
normally found in the Mediterranean – have been born at the Basel Zoo in

An adult wedge-tailed eagle swoops to attack hang glider, Mark Russell,
while competing in the Gulgong Classic, a hang gliding competition held
annually above Gulgong in Australia

A herd of confused deer stand in a snow covered field in northern England —
where did the grass go??

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