Story From Dudley

by Rebecca on February 4, 2008

in Pet Talk

How about this for a story!! My dogs, Tarzan and Patches, and I go regularly
for walks and I have learned a lot from them and them from me. Today we went
for a walk and I was afraid Tarzan the terrier, the more aggressive of the
two dogs was going to get in a fight. A black labrador retriever jumped a
fence and was charging at us. Tarzan was at the end of his 15 foot leash
growling at the other dog which was twice his size. The owner of the lab
came out and called it. It stopped dead in its tracks and came back home. If
that dog had stayed in its fence, then there would have been no problem.
Because that dog was trained to stop when called, there was no problem and I
still have both of my dogs.

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