Special Potbellied Pigs—Reggie, Pepper, and Willow

by Rebecca on February 17, 2010

in Animal Stories

I noticed you didn’t have any stories about pigs so I wanted to share the story of my potbellied pig Reggie. She passed into spirit suddenly on Nov. 5, 2007, and she has been missed by so many. She was a therapy pet partner of mine for over 14 years. She was also a teacher,performer, and ambassador for pet potbellied pigs all over the world.

In her short life she touched so many people that I couldn’t even count. She was always on the front lines of a fight to keep a potbellied pig in its home. You see potbellied pigs are not allowed in most municipalities in this country so we have to fight hard to change the existing pet laws to include the potbellied pig as a pet.

Because of Reggie and Pepper and Willow this is what I am still doing today 15 years later. I am a zoning consultant for the pet potbellied pig and I have cases come in to me almost every week. I started this quest because of my own pet pigs Reggie and Pepper. I never wanted anyone ever be to able to make me get rid of my beloved pet pigs. This is my zoning web site www.petpigzone.com.

Reggie was one of Pennsylvania’s animal Hero’s and was honored as such in May 1997 Hero edition of Life Magazine. She was some pig..I miss her terribly. Her birthday is coming up on the 26 of February and what a fitting tribute to have her on your animal talk site for others to read about..

A year after my Reggie passed into spirit I rescued a little piglet named, Little Willow White Feather, who I am training to follow in Reggie’s Hoof Prints. She is almost 1 1/2 years old now, and she came from a horrible situation where there were over 50 potbellied pigs all unneutered and breeding and starving here in the Pocono Mountains of PA.

Willow and I are now doing educational shows for children at area libraries. http://www.chloesgarden.com/Reggie/Pictures%204%202096.jpg





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