Some Animal Hero Stories

by Rebecca on September 27, 2013

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Dog Rescues Drowning Woman

After breaking her neck in a backyard pool diving accident in August 2010, Rebecca Northern was numb and fighting to stay conscious when her Jack Russell terrier Selena came to her rescue.
Northern told CNN that the little terrier wedged herself under her owner’s shoulder and swam her to the shallow end of the pool.

Selena then helped Northern get out of the pool entirely. When Northern’s mother returned home shortly after, she was rushed to a local hospital.

Pet Bird Defends Owner From Robbers
Pretty-feathered birds can do more than repeat “Polly want a cracker?”.

In September 2011, in Fort Smith, Ark., Jack Duke’s pet macaw, Charlie, defended his owner during a home invasion, according to a 5 News reporter.

Two men allegedly rang Duke’s doorbell and assaulted him, beating him and demanding pills. But Charlie was not going to sit by and let his owner get hurt.
Duke says Charlie squawked and bit the intruders, taking a chunk out of one’s arm and eventually scaring both men off. The bird and his owner survived unharmed.
Dog Guides Owner Home After Lightning Strike
Ian Thomas was struck by lightning and knocked unconscious for 15 to 20 minutes, before his faithful dog Monty guided him home, according toThe Sun. In October 2011 Thomas said he leaned on Monty, letting Monty take some of his weight, for the 100-yard walk back to Thomas’s house, where his wife, Sharen, then rushed him to the hospital.

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