Service dog saves family from house fire in Arcadia

by Rebecca on February 5, 2014

in Animals in the News


An Arcadia family says the reason they escaped their burning home is because of Bella. The Golden Retriever next door was let out to go the bathroom when she quickly realized something was wrong.

Bella started scratching and barking at Elizabeth Campbell’s bedroom window.

“I thought the dog might have bit a cord and knocked our power out and that’s why we got up,” explains Campbell.

When Campbell and her fiancée got up to see what the commotion was about they quickly realized their home was on fire. The two are parents and were able to get all three of their kids out of the house before part of the roof collapsed.

“I sit back and think about it, if that dog wouldn’t have got us up out of the bed we wouldn’t have been able to make it to the two girls in the back,” explains Campbell.

Bella’s owner, Anthony Villalobos didn’t need this to know that Bella is a good dog. She is his service dog for PTSD. Villalobos got Bella when we was in the hospital recovering from an IED blast.

“She will actually settle me down when we go out to crowded areas. She stays close to me. She provides a bubble for me,” explains Villalobos.

A soldier and his dog — next door neighbors that were there to protect.

“She saved our life. She really did,” says Campbell.

The Red Cross is helping the family. Villalobos says he rewarded Bella for her good work. She had hot dogs for lunch and a steak for dinner.

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