Sculptures from debris

by Rebecca on July 15, 2012

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Flip-Flop Sculpture Draws Attention to Marine Debris Issue

It makes a strong visual statement about the state of our oceans.”

Dipesh Pabari, Camps International, Africa

In Kenya, Camps International runs beach cleanups and creates artwork from the collected debris. In 2011, staff and volunteers collected enough plastic flip-flops to create a giant sea turtle. It took a thousand flip-flops to make the turtle, which is now mounted in central Diani on the south coast of Kenya. Unbelievably, they collected at least 5,000 flip-flops from a two kilometer stretch of beach in just four weeks.



Sculpture Made From 10,000 Flip Flops: Wonderful or Wasteful?


You may be asking yourself: what does one do with thousands upon thousands of rubber flip flops? The answer? Build an awesome sculpture of course! Well, that’s what Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman did at least. 

With the help of local artists and students, Hofman created a 45-foot-long sculpture of a monkey…covered completely in 10,000 colorful flip flops. Called “Macaco Gordo” (or “The Fat Monkey” in English), the humongous piece of art is currently chilling at a park in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

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