Saving Stranded Whales Around the World

by Rebecca on June 19, 2011

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More than 100 pilot whales, which have bulbous foreheads and can grow to over 4 meters long, beached themselves overnight at Yoff, a traditional Lebou fishing community on the Cap Vert peninsula, mainland Africa’s most westerly point.

Local fishermen struggled through the night to drag the animals back to sea from the sloping sandy beach, using their brightly colored open wooden boats known as “pirogues” and attaching ropes around the animals’ sleek, black bodies.

By afternoon, as many as 60 whales had released back into the ocean, 38 whales sadly died on the beach, but they were able to save a pregnant whale and her calf shortly after the whale gave birth on the beach.


A desperate rescue mission to save a giant sperm whale beached on the northern coast of England has failed.


Whales stranded in New Zealand refloat themselves

By The Associated Press

Sixty-six survivors of a pod of 80 pilot whales that beached in New Zealand freed themselves and swam back to sea during a high tide, rescuers said on Saturday.

Fourteen of the pod were unable to be saved and had died, Conservation Department spokeswoman Trish Grant said.


KEY LARGO (CBS4)- Two of the four female pilot whales that survived a May 5 mass stranding in the Lower Keys was classified as critical. But the whales are still getting around-the-clock care at the Marine Mammal Conservancy in Key Largo.


From 2009: Rough seas whipped by strong winds have prevented a sole surviving pilot whale from returning to the sea after 200 whales and dolphins became stranded on a beach in southern Australia.

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