Saving Orangutans for Earth Day

by Rebecca on April 16, 2015

in Pet Talk

On Earth Day next Wednesday, April 22 at 8 PM, Nat Geo WILD television will air Operation Orangutan, a special that follows the experts from International Animal Rescue while they work to rescue, rehabilitate and release orangutans back into the wild. Here’s a selection of adorable pictures:



Operation Orangutan – EARTH DAY PREMIERE

Premieres Wednesday, April 22, at 8 PM ET/PT

Highly intelligent, super cute and with an arm span stretching 8 feet, orangutans share part our human DNA and are our closest animal relatives. But because of poaching, habitat destruction and the illegal pet trade, they are now one of the world’s most endangered species. But there is hope. An extraordinarily dedicated team of international vets, scientists and non-governmental organization (NGO) volunteers have joined forces with locals to build and run a rehabilitation center in western Kalimantan in Borneo. Their goal is to rescue and rehabilitate injured and orphaned orangutans then release them back into the wild. Nat Geo WILD cameras will follow the work of the team as they strive to build, expand and maintain the center and the orangutan population.​

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