Readers Digest Animal Heroes of 2009

by Rebecca on August 18, 2009

in Animals in the News

Hero Pet of the Year saved two from drowning. By sounding a yipping alarm on a beach, an alert Chihuahua named Chi Chi likely saved the lives of two senior citizens overcome by waves – and was crowned Reader’s Digest “Hero Pet of the Year. “


Image: Couple with their dog (Mary and Rick Lane proudly show off Chi Chi, named Reader’s Digest Hero Pet of the Year, on Rockefeller Plaza.Today Show.)

According to the story, the other animal heroes included:

  • Quarter horse Sunny boy protected his people from an attacking pit bull.
  • A parrot called Willie called out “Mama, baby! Mama, baby!” when a 2 year old was choking on a Pop-Tart.
  • A terrier-poodle rescue dog saved his owner by alerting the wife when the man’s blood sugar level sank to dangerous levels.
  • And, finally a cat called Winnie saved her family by alerting them to a carbon dioxide leak that was minutes from killing them.

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