Pumpkins are fun and tasty!

by Rebecca on October 31, 2011

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Russian Tortoise sporting pumkin lid

Russian Tortoise sporting pumpkin lid

Credits: BethAnn Mayberry
Did you know pumpkins contain potassium, Vitamin A, and Beta Carotene? Many zoos give a pumpkin to every animal at Halloween or Thanksgiving for enrichment. Hogel Zoo has “Boo at the Zoo” on 25th of October. Last year the elephants smashed massive pumpkins while the cougar tried to get at a meat stuffed carved pumpkin. Pumpkins and pets can really be a great combinations. How? Depends on the pet!
  • Tortoises and turtles love this once a year treat in big chunks that help their beak stay trimmed and acts as a natural de-wormer. (If your pet has a known case of worms you should not rely on pumpkin. Go to the exotic vet for Pancur) For turtles, just float a chunk in their tank, but expect a mess!
  • For small furry pets carve your pumpkin into a little hidey house they can play in and nibble too.
  • Parrots love to tear apart a jack-o-lantern
  • Sugar gliders like both a hidey house to play in and shredded pumpkin from a cheese grater to eat
  • Hermit crabs will love either a chunk of pumpkin or shredded pumpkin in their dish
  • To engage your ferret, cut the “lid” portion from the bottom then put other small holes all over the pumpkin.  Put a favorite meaty treat inside and have them try to figure out how to get it out
  • Chinchillas, gerbils, and rats will love the pumpkin seeds, so make sure to save them after carving

From: http://www.examiner.com/exotic-pets-in-salt-lake-city/pumpkin-and-pets-are-a-scarily-fun-combination


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