Pig Soccer or “Football”

by Rebecca on August 15, 2009

in Animals in the News

Pigs at a wildlife park are showing four legs really are better than two, by taking on the challenge of football. Andrew Reeve, head keeper at the park, said the pigs play with a special ball that leaks feed as it rolls, encouraging them to move it around. He said the highly-intelligent animals’ matches are getting faster and faster as they learn the best tricks to get their treats. He said: “It was the owner Neil Mumby’s idea, we already do pig racing here which is a daily event along with other demonstrations and we wanted to do something new. “Pig football was something that sprung into Neil’s mind. “Basically we got hold of a special ball that releases feed as it rolls, and with pigs being so intelligent, they soon work out that they have to keep it moving. We get a couple of goals and they basically headbutt the ball and manoeuvre it with their snouts.” He said five pigs are involved, and people are picked out of the crowd to help hold the goals for the 10-minute match. “It’s very popular, he added. “It’s such an unusual thing, and as the pigs are learning more about the ball and the rewards they get the game is getting faster. They even balance the ball on their heads at times. It’s starting to get more exciting.” 



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