Picnic Dog

by Rebecca on January 5, 2006

in Animal Stories

“Sniff, steaaak, sniff corn, sniff sniff food, yum!” There on the ground—steak, potatoes, and salad. I run over and grab the steak. Ohh it’s so good! I eat fast and look for more. There’s the kid.  He is holding some corn wrapped around meat. I grab it. It’s not quite as good as steak but yummy. I run around. Some people pet me. I wag my tail. I run to make sure the two big beasts stay away from my ground. They ignore me, so I decide to look for more scraps. Ohh—so good—much better than what they call dog food. I am tired from all my work, time to take a nap under the shade of a tree.

By Rebecca Wilkes

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