Photos of Water Holes in Africa by Greg du Toit

by Rebecca on October 17, 2010

in Animal Pictures

To capture the importance of water, photographer Greg du Toit stationed himself at rivers, lakes, and water holes throughout Africa — and came away with a collection of images showing the country’s wildlife population quenching their thirst.

“In the months prior to this photo, the lioness and cubs had stubbornly refused to drink in the daylight hours. I had waited in my hide until dusk for them on numerous occasions, and twice, upon walking back to camp, I met all eight on foot.

“It took a one week heat wave to finally bring my subjects to the water’s edge during daylight hours.”

These lions were only a leap away from Mr du Toit and were aware that there was something in the pool.

“ Holding my precious Nikon in one arm, I used the other, to clench the muddy floor and pull myself towards the opposite side of the waterhole. Every time I moved, the predator duo would prick their ears and fix their gaze on my protruding head. Inching and pausing my way to the opposite shore, the next ten metres proved to be the longest journey of my life! The water began to get shallower and shallower until half my body was protruding above. The two lionesses had, by now, become intensely intrigued as to exactly what kind of creature I was?”

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