Paddy McSimion—A Love Story

by Rebecca on March 30, 2008

in Pet Talk

This is a love story in a strange sort of way. I am a female trucker by
trade, and I travel with my neutered tom cat Prozac. The two of us are a
part of a 2500 truck fleet. Everybody knows and likes Prozac—he is very

One of our drivers witnessed a carload of kids throwing kittens into stop
signs out of a moving car. Out of 6 kittens, only one would survive. This
was in Houston, Texas on a Thursday night. Sunday morning, someone knocked
on the door of my truck in Eagan, Minnesota. There, wrapped in a towel, was a
baby kitten badly hurt.

Off to the vet we went. The news wasn’t good. His head was badly swollen. He
was only about 4-5 weeks old. He was a malnourished 9 ounce kitten with
little or no chance to survive.

The vet recommended that he put the kitten down. I felt if there was a
chance, this kitten deserved that chance.

So every 2-3 hours I would give a bottle and or medicine. This is where
Prozac stepped up. He bathed his baby and kept him warm. Within 2 weeks we
had a live-wire kitten.

Now 2 years later we have a very good looking tomcat in Paddy McSimion—the
boy Prozac still mothers and loves.

Paddy would not have survived had it not been for Prozac being a great

Barbara Nuckols, Prozac & Paddy
Burnsville, MN

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