Of Moose and Men

by Rebecca on June 11, 2013

in Animal Stories,Cute Animal Pictures

A couple days ago Seth rolled down the river onto a newborn moose calf accompanied by her mother. Momma moose was trying to attempt to cross the river with her calf from a gravel bar in the middle of a major current confluence between two channels. Well that poor little newborn could not handle the fast water, beaten down stream the calf disappeared around the corner in the swift current as Seth and Miss Karen watched helplessly. Continuing downstream Seth caught sight of the poor baby’s nose barely above the water on the hard edge of a seriously nasty current. Quoting “I couldn’t just let the poor thing drown right there in front of me!” He and Karen quickly grabbed the critter from the water and headed for the opposing bank. The poor exhausted little girl lay motionless in Karen’s arms calm from exhaustion. Quickly after pulling to shore they released the baby and Momma was soon there checking her calf over, once reunited and satisfied Momma led her calf into the woods disappearing with a Happy Ending!

From: Four Rivers Fishing Company

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