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by Rebecca on January 16, 2006

in Pet Talk

Thank you for the invitation to write about my pets.  I have cats, two of
them.  Mittens is a calico cat who is 6 years old.  She is a southpaws which
refers to the fact that she has extra claws on all four of her paws.  Her
paws are so big that she is able to pick things up rather easily to play
with them.  So naturally she just loves small things like paper clips,
coins, bread ties and the like.  I usually find them on the kitchen floor
after she has played with them from the kitchen table.  She also loves paper
bags so I always let her play with one after I bring groceries home.  She
also loves empty boxes so I leave them on the floor until she gets tired of
playing.  She is fun to watch even though she is no longer a kitten.  The
other cat I have is Miss Mischief who is 1 1/2 years old.  She is a tabby
with long fur so that in the winter time she looks like a big ball of fur.
She is special as she was a runt and has many disabilities.  She has a heart
murmur but it has never stopped her from running, attacking and loving us
up.  She also has an overbite so that she literally picks up her dry food to
eat it.  Part of that becomes a game for her as she bats the pieces all over
the kitchen floor while she eats.  She especially likes to be fed table
scraps or won’t eat them if you just put them near her on the floor.  My
partner says she is spoiled rotten and she loves every minute of it.  For me
these pets bring me laughter I enjoy every minute that I am home with them!
I am including pictures of my babies: Mittens and Miss Mischief.

Marilynn Poore



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