Mother swan takes babies under her wing

by Rebecca on August 7, 2014

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There comes a time on every family outing when the little ones can go no further and demand to be carried the rest of the way.

Luckily for these six fluffy cygnets, Mummy was happy to oblige. One by one, under her watchful eye, the brood clambered aboard her back for a ride.

Having checked all were present and correct, the mother swan gently tucked back her wings to stop them falling off before gliding back to her nest.

Hop aboard: The mother swan checks on the six cygnets tucked beneath her wings

The mute swan and her fluffy cargo were caught on camera by Richard Meston on a visit to Bicton Park Botanical Gardens near
Sidmouth, Devon.

Mr Meston, 32, said: ‘The cygnets had been splashing in the water around their mum. They looked like they
were starting to get tired and one by one started to scramble up on their mum’s back. She didn’t mind at all and even gave them a
nudge up.’

The father of three from Bournemouth added: ‘After they got settled in, she covered them with her wings protectively like a
cushion and went on her way.

Precious cargo: The tiny birds could be seen peeking from their mothers' feathers at the Bicton Park Botanical Gardens in Devon

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