Miracle Dog Survives Tornado

by Rebecca on June 3, 2011

in Animals in the News

Mason Crawls Home With Two Broken Legs

NORTH SMITHFIELD, Ala. — Here’s a story of survival amid all the death and destruction of the recent tornado outbreak.

When a tornado tore through North Smithfield, Ala., Mason, a terrier-mix dog disappeared.

 Mason was hiding in his family’s garage when he was picked up by the storm.

 His family searched for him for days, but eventually gave up.

 But a couple of days ago, when the family returned to their home to gather up some of their belongings, they found Mason sitting on the porch.

 Some how, with two broken legs, he managed to crawl home.

 Doctors at a veterinary clinic did surgery on his legs. They say he  has had no complications and is going great.

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