Miracle Babies: Leopard Love

by Rebecca on September 13, 2011

in Animal Videos,Animals in the News

Tuesday, September 13, at 9P ET/PT

The rarest big cat on earth, the Amur leopard, is on the brink of disappearing
forever. Found in the frozen forests near Russia’s border with Korea, the cats
are feared to have just 30 members left in the wild. A new captive breeding
program may be the cats’ last hope. At the London Zoo, three female gorillas
gussy up for a visit from a handsome male gorilla brought in from nearby
France. If the matchmaking goes well, the zoo hopes to welcome its first baby
gorilla in more than 20 years. And Kenya boasts a unique orphanage … for
elephants! Most of the babies saw their mothers killed by ivory poachers, but
with the help of this program they learn to deal with their traumatic early
lives and grow to healthy, happy adults.

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