Miracle Babies: Baby Pandas

by Rebecca on September 13, 2011

in Animal Videos,Animals in the News

September 13, at 8P ET/PT

The giant panda is one of the world’s most iconic species, but its population
numbers are critically low. It is extremely difficult for female pandas to
reproduce in captivity, but the city of Chengdu in central China has become the
worldwide epicenter for panda reproduction. The Atlanta Zoo in Georgia is
borrowing Chengdu’s winning technique to help try and have a baby of its own.
Meanwhile, at Whipsnade Zoo in the U.K., a pregnant Indian rhinoceros readies
herself for birth after a 16-month wait. And on the banks of the Amazon in
Brazil, a tamarin expert works to save the tiny primates, which are struggling
to survive as bulldozers wipe out their forest homes to make way for new

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