Lulu the Lovebird

by Rebecca on January 9, 2008

in Pet Talk

It was a summers day, and my mum and I were outside watching the birds fly
past. We were trying to decide what we could give my 10 year old cousin,
Liam, for his birthday; we wanted to make it something really special. After
no sucess, we took a break from that topic and discussed how beautiful the
birds in the sky were. Then my mum had a sudden idea, she looked at me with
a smile creeping up her face. “A bird!” she exclaimed. Puzzled, I kept
quiet. “For Liam’s birthday!” “Oh!” I managed. A bird? What type of bird?
Where would we get it? But apart from my confusion, it was decided, My
cousin Liam was to get a tame bird for his birthday, a peachface lovebird to
be exact. It was not untill a few weeks later that I relised that I could
have one too. When I asked my Mum she said it was an excellent idea, to I
was to get a birdy too. About a month later, we got a call from the
bird-breeder saying that the birds were ready. There were about five
differnt birds to choose from, all brothers and sisters. I put my hand into
the cage, and the closest one near me didn’t seem to frightened. I choose
this bird, who turned out to be a girl, who I named Lulu. Lulu was bright
yellow, with a red face and a green, blue and red tail. Our cousin Liam’s
bird went home with ahis family, christened Bowser. It took a while for Lulu
to love me, put after a months hugs and kisses, she wanted to be out on my
shoulder or head every time she saw me. She loved shredding paper, and so I
found piles of this paper almost everywhere. She became protective of me,
and everyone in my family could not touch me with her on me or they would
recive very, hard bites and bird swear words. Cute as she was, we thought
that Lulu was lonley. So, my sister Sophie decided that she ought to have a
love bird too, however of a dark blue0green clour with an apricot crown. We
named him George. They slowly became friends, but even that was a big step.
On one event, Lulu and George were on my shoulders, and Lulu flew into a
neighbouring back yard. After running around the block, we scooped Lulu out
of the yard and hugged her tight. Then on a afwul summers daay, she flew
into the fan. She was hit really hard and cappowed to the floor. Screaming,
I pointed at her, I couldn’t look, in fear of what I’ld see. She look fine
on the outside, yet we did not know of the inside damage. I read her books
all day, singing to her and praying for her, and slept by her cage at night.
The next day was a school day, and my mum was driving my sister to school.
While they were away, Lulu started having seizures. I didn’t know what they
were, or what was happening to my little baby. When my mum came home, I went
to school. But when my mum picked me up at recess, I knew what had happened.
My little peice of fluf had gone to heaven. After many tears, and months
later, my family convinced me to get a new bird, ‘for Georges sake,’ I
thought. I named my knew bird Fluf, after a nick name for Lulu, and found
out that she was actully Lulu’s sister.She also survied a 40 degrees day,
and was abandonned by her parents. I believed that she lived to help me. I
love her very much.
I imagein Lulu with me on my shoulder, and beleive that she is happier as
she can always be there. I love her very much!

Author: Julia from Australia

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