Louie the Pig Who Thinks He’s a Dog

by Rebecca on February 6, 2011

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Louie the show jumping pig’s ambition is to be the star of his owner’s dog
display team. This performing pig thinks he is a dog. Nine-month-old Louie
goes for walks on a lead alongside his doggie friends, responds to his name
and even plays fetch. He will also leap over jumps, weave round poles,
sprint through tunnels and tackle moving see-saws as fast as his little legs
will carry him…

…Louie’s owner, Sue Williams, 46, from Porthmadog in Wales is in charge of
the Cheshire dog display team and is a professional canine trainer and
animal behaviourist. Since Sue took ownership of Louie last June, when he
was only three-months-old, she has taken him to agricultural shows across
the country to perform alongside her highly trained team of 15 dogs.


Comrades: Louie acts like a dog and is treated like one - he is even taken for walks on a lead

Pigs might fly: Owner Sue's ultimate ambition is for Louie to participate in Crufts one day

To read more about Louie see: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1352874/Louie-pig-thinks-hes-dog-earns-place-CANINE-display-team.html

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