Lion Joke

by Rebecca on November 19, 2011

in Animal Jokes

A man was married to a woman who owned a lion. She was also an ardent Johnny Cash fan. Although she took care of the lion most of the time,  ometimes the man needed to help. This lion was leash-trained, so part of the care routine was to occsionally take the lion out for a walk. Well, one day, the woman was busy with some activity, and it fell on the man to take the lion out for it’s stroll. It was not a good time for the man to do this either. But, he loved his wife and went ahead and did it anyway. So, later on he had a chance to talk to his wife. She expressed gratitide for taking care of the lion in her absence. To this the man replied, ‘Because your’e mine, I walk the lion’!

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