Lion Cub and Meerkat Best Friends

by Rebecca on May 27, 2011

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One of the most memorable friendships from Disney’s “The Lion King” is now being acted out at a game park near Sun City, South Africa.

Zinzi, the tiny lioness, was brought into Predator World Zoo and Game Farm at just a day old; her mother refused to feed her, according to the (U.K.) Telegraph. Marcell Tournier, owner of Predator World, took the little cub in, much to the delight of Bob, a 2-year-old meerkat who, Tournier told Telegraph, “likes having anything cuddly and cute around.” Sounds like Bob is our kind of people. Erm, meerkat.

The pair barely leave each other’s sides. We can just picture them frolicking in the fields until, exhausted, they hunker down for the world’s cutest nap, as evidenced above. Now what do we need to do to bring a friendly, if slightly gassy, warthog into the mix?

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