Large Cat Babies

by Rebecca on August 16, 2010

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Zeina, a three-year-old lioness, plays with her litter of her cubs inside
their cage at Jordan’s zoo in Yaduda.

Veterinarian Christiana Hensel and safari park owners Fabrizio Sepe and
Giovanni Sepe pose with four white tiger cubs following the first medical
examination of the cubs at the Serengeti Safari Park Hodenhagen, Germany.
The tiger cubs, who are yet to be named, were born on July 14.

A leopard cub sleeps on a water bowl in its air-conditioned cage on a warm
summer day, at Shanghai Zoo.

A snow leopard cub investigates a camera lens before being snatched back by
the hand of a keeper at the Oklahoma City Zoo in Oklahoma City.

Ingrid, a Siberian Tiger, washes one of her two, as yet unnamed,
six-week-old cubs in their enclosure at Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent.

A north Chinese leopard cub goes on display at Hamburg zoo.

Two rare golden tabby Bengal tiger cubs have been unveiled to the public in
Jinan, in northern China.

Two 6-week-old black panther cubs are shown off to the media at the Tierpark
zoo in Berlin, Germany.

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