“Kitten Therapy” Arrives in Newtown, CT

by Rebecca on December 31, 2012

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“Kitten Therapy” Arrives in Newtown, CT

Robin Olson and Sam Moore, who run Kitten Associates, had come up with an amazing idea: they would provide their traumatized hometown with a big dose of “kitten therapy” by opening their home-based rescue to children who needed a break from the pain, and also a reason to smile. Kitties for Kids was born.

They wanted their little visitors to have a reminder of the pleasant experience of playing with the kittens, so they started an Amazon wishlist to purchase plush cats for the children to take with them when they left. In just a couple of hours, every item on their wishlist had been purchased by people all over the country who love Kitten Associates and were hoping to find a meaningful way they could support the people of Newtown.

“We know the healing power that time spent petting a cat or watching kittens play with a toy can bring to a child, his or her parents, and even first responders and other adults who feel emotionally overwhelmed,” says Robin. “Because animals have no hidden agendas and kittens aren’t threatening, it’s a special kind of healing you just can’t experience any other way.”

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/kitten-therapy-arrives-in-newton-ct.html#ixzz2GYi8i9EN

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