Kitten fits right into mama dog’s litter

by Rebecca on March 3, 2013

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By Donna Littlejohn

Shelly Gomez of Noah’s Bark, a South Bay dog rescue, is caring for a mom dog and her five pups, along with a kitten she rescued from the same shelter in Los Angeles. (Sean Hiller/Staff Photographer)

Dog rescue volunteer Shelly Gomez of Hawthorne got more than she bargained for after she bailed a mama Chihuahua mix and her five newborn pups out of the shelter for Noah’s Bark.

So did mama dog, who wound up adopting a newborn kitten to nurse along with her pups.

About a week after Gomez brought the mother dog – nicknamed “Jolie” for the actress known for adopting children – Gomez received a call from the same shelter in South Los Angeles asking her to pick up more newborn pups.

“While I was picking up these (other) day-old puppies (that went to another foster home), there’s a cat screaming and they said, `Do you want it?’

“I really don’t know anything about cats, but I knew what the alternative was – they were going to euthanize it,” she said. “So I took the kitten home and when I walked in the door, the mom (dog) greeted me and was jumping up, trying to grab the kitten out of my arms. … She was so excited.”

Worried that the dog might hurt the kitten, Gomez slowly let the dog sniff the feline that had been dropped at the shelter in a cardboard box.

“She just kept cleaning it and cleaning it,” she said. “So I put the kitten in the (dogs’) box and the kitten started nursing. The rest is history.”

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The kitten seems right at home among the Chihuahua mix puppies. (Sean Hiller/Staff Photographer)


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