K-9 Sage/Disaster and human remains specialist

by Rebecca on August 15, 2011

in Animal Stories

K-9 Sage is in the running for a hero dog award. She’s obviously a very special dog!

K-9 Sage is 12 years young and has proved to be a multifaceted canine hero. At the age of 2, after passing the FEMA Canine Readiness Evaluation at only 18 months old, she was called to the Pentagon in the recovery efforts immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Her keen search abilities resulted in detecting the remains of one of the terrorists.
Along with numerous local missing person searches, Sage’s missions have included searching for missing teenager Natalee Holloway, and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
In 2007-2008 K-9 Sage was deployed to Iraq to search for missing U.S. soldiers.
In 2009, Sage was diagnosed with two types of lung cancer, both uncommon in dogs, and believed to be the result of searching several highly toxic sites in service to our country.  She has lost two lung lobes, and has undergone chemotherapy. No cancer is detected at present.
Sage’s newest mission is inspiring cancer patients and survivors with her resilience, enthusiasm and zest for life.  Sage becomes the children’s hero at a cancer camp, showing that their illness doesn’t have to dampen their fun loving spirits. She walks energetically alongside human cancer survivors at “Relay for Life” events.
She has been the inspiration for the formation of “The Sage Foundation for Dogs Who Serve”. Our mission is to promote the welfare of all hero dogs serving in harm’s way.  Whether it is a missing child, a major disaster, or war, Sage has served her community and her nation heroically her entire life.


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