Joke: Where were you?

by Rebecca on October 10, 2011

in Animal Jokes

Once upon a time there was a stork family, daddy stork, mommy stork and baby stork.

One evening daddy stork didn’t show up for dinner. Mommy stork and baby stork waited up for him but he didn’t come home at all that night.

When daddy stork finally came home the next day, baby stork asked, “Daddy stork, where were you last night?”

“Out making a young couple very happy,” replied daddy stork.

Several weeks later, baby stork was late for dinner. Daddy stork and mommy stork were worried. Their worry increased when baby stork still wasn’t home by dark. They both waited up late for baby stork but he didn’t come in until early in the morning. His feathers were rumpled and unkempt.

Daddy stork barked, “Where were you, baby stork?”

“Out scaring the heck out of some college students,” replied baby stork.

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