How the elephant got his nose

by Rebecca on November 30, 2013

in Animals in the News

Real life elephant having his nose pulled by an alligator:

croc v elephant

The image was captured by photographer Ian Salisbury, who manages a safari lodge nearby.

“One of our guests had seen a crocodile try a similar attack on another elephantearlier in the day so, camera in hand, I went to see if there might be a repeat performance,” Salisbury told Caters News Agency. “The action was so quick – a couple of seconds – and fortunately I had the camera pointing in the right direction. Having spent 30 years in the African bush, I [realize] how lucky I was to catch the scene.”

The elephant dismissed the crocodile, who’d clearly bit off more than he could chew, with a quick shake of his trunk. Neither animal appears to have been seriously injured in the incident.

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