Hot Weather Cat Care

by Rebecca on June 13, 2008

in Animal Health

Take precautions to protect your cat this summer. When the temperature
rises, cats that are old, sick, or have white fur need special attention.

    Hot weather care …

* Do not take your cat along for car rides. It is dangerous to leave a
cat in a car alone for any amount of time. Cats cannot sweat like people.
Brain damage, heatstroke, and death can occur within a matter of minutes
from the extreme heat that can quickly build up in a parked car.


* Make sure that your cat always has a supply of clean, fresh, cool


* Apply sunscreen to a white cat’s nose and ears tips. White cats do
not have enough color pigment to protect their skin and thus can easily
develop skin cancer just like people.


* Talk with your veterinarian about flea and tick prevention. There
are new treatments available that are safe and effective. Also, consult with
your veterinarian if it is necessary to protect your cat from heart worms in
your area.


* If you have a cookout, do not share your foods with your cat.

    Be alert for signs of heat stress…       

* heavy panting

* glazed over eyes

* rapid pulse

* unsteadiness or staggering

* vomiting

* a deep red or purple tongue

    Emergency heat stress care …         


* If your cat becomes overheated, you must lower his body temperature


* Move your cat into the shade and apply cool (not cold) water all
over his/her body to gradually lower the cat’s temperature


* Apply ice packs or cold towels to your cat’s head, neck, and chest


* Let your cat drink small amounts of cool water or lick ice cubes


* Take your cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible – It could
save your cat’s life

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