Hedgehogs are Adorable

by Rebecca on August 21, 2010

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Hedgehog mammals grow to 6″ to 15″. The average adult hedgehog has about
5,000 spines, modified hair that are 2-3 cm. (1″) long. Hedgehogs have poor
eyesight, acute hearing, short legs, a long pointed snout, and 36-44 teeth.
Their color ranges from white to dark brown. These mammals are nocturnal,
sleeping during the day and eating at night.

Hedgehogs provide a valuable insect pest control service. They are
insectivores, eating earthworms, beetles, earwigs, slugs, millipedes, and
caterpillars. Some species will eat bird’s eggs, mice, frogs, and other
small rodents. They also have been known to eat seeds, berries, grasses and
leaves, and fallen fruit.

Best of all, they are very cute.


Pascal, 18 days old

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