Gorilla Playing Nintendo DS

by Rebecca on August 13, 2010

in Animal Pictures,Funny Animal Pictures

Visitors to a zoo were amazed to see a gorilla playing with a Nintendo DS at
the San Francisco Zoo. Photographer Christina Spicuzza snapped female gorilla
Bawang who had managed to get hold of a handheld games console a young boy
had dropped into her enclosure. But her new toy soon caught the attention of her
20-month-old son Hansani – who came and peered at the game before making a
grab for it.

…The photographer said: “I heard a commotion and realized a little boy had
dropped the Nintendo into the gorilla habitat. Bawang immediately ran over
to get the game before sitting down and inspecting it. But pretty soon
Hasani came over to see what was going on. Hasani reached for it a few
times, and was swatted away by Bawang.” Bawang was eventually persuaded to
throw the Nintendo back into the watching crowd by a gamekeeper – in return
for an apple. (Not an Apple.)


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