Giraffe and Goat Friends

by Rebecca on July 28, 2010

in Unusual Friends

They’ll always have a very different outlook on life. But even though Gerald the giraffe is rather lofty and Eddie the goat is more down to earth, they are the perfect pairing. They have formed an unlikely bond after Eddie was placed with 15ft Gerald as a short-term solution to keep the giraffe company at Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol.

Left: high tea - Tanya Carr-Hartley feeds one of the tall mammals, one of eight on their estate, from a window; Right: table manners: Gerald and Eddie like to be close to each other when they eat. The giraffe even lets his friend get his nose in the trough first

Three years on the pair are as close as ever. Keeper Sammi Luxa said: ‘They hit it off straight away, and Eddie has proved to be a great companion for Gerald.

affectionate: the unlikely friends bonded instantly and share bedding, play together, and even cuddle


our-legged friends: Gerald the giraffe and Eddie the goat became inseparable after keepers placed them in the same enclosure at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol three years ago

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