Gator Capture Lessons

by Rebecca on October 7, 2011

in Animal Videos

Swamp Men: Swamp Shootout
Premieres Monday, October 10, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
It’s all-out combat as a re-enactment of the second Seminole War makes it even tougher to keep park visitors safe during one of the tribe’s major cultural events. Meanwhile, Jay is responsible for keeping the park’s swamp buggies running despite dangerously low water levels. Jay’s younger brother, Everett, has joined the staff as an aspiring gator handler, but for his first assignment, he has to catch a gator with his bare hands because it is Seminole tradition. Then the park’s seasoned gator handlers are put to the test when nuisance alligators turn up next to a housing development and the toughest gator at Billie Swamp Safari threatens to eat his offspring.

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