Foofa and Mish Mish

by Rebecca on January 11, 2008

in Pet Talk

Rebecca, I had to write to you as like me you not only love animals consider
them human beings.I had two beautiful cats for nineteen years. They shared
our bed shared out home were treated like our children. After nineteen years
even if you live with a human being it is a life time.I loved these two
precious beings as much as my children but vowed I would never let them
suffer as human beings do when they get old. They were both nineteen but
their quality of life was not good.Foofa the long haired cat who resembled a
Norwegian Forest Cat began to have seizures, and the thought that this would
happen when we were not with her helped us make the decision that it was
best to let her go. I held her in my arms and told her “Mommy promised
nothing would ever hurt you”, she looked into my eyes and was gone. Mish
Mish the Siamese was suffering and crying constantly with the pain of
arthritis (I have it it is painful), and so we let Mish Mish go the same
way. We have their ashes and when our turn comes to go our wish is that we
and their ashes will be mixed together and sprinkled into the wind to blend
with the green grass the trees and the beauty of nature that they loved. Our
hearts will never mend and be are so grateful to have shared our lives with
two of Gods most beautiful graceful creatures, who’s love far outweighed
anything a human being can give.Sheila Dahroug.

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