Family Dog Credited With Keeping Missing Boy Alive

by Rebecca on April 8, 2011

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 Lisa Holewa Contributor

After wandering away from home, 22-month-old Tyler Jacobson made it through a cold night in the dark South Carolina woods thanks to his family dog, the local sheriff said.

Rescuers using a bloodhound tracking team and an infrared-equipped search helicopter scoured the woods for the missing boy, but high winds and deep darkness forced them to call off their search until daylight Saturday.

Thankfully, the toddler had someone looking after him. One of his family’s dogs apparently had tagged along and stayed at his side through the night, keeping the boy warm and safe as temperatures dropped into the 40s.

“I believe that dog being with him is what kept him alive,” Kershaw County Sheriff Jim Matthews told AOL News in a telephone interview today.

“I was with one of my officers talking to the helicopter crew when we got the call, ‘They found him.’ And I was like, ‘Is he alive?’ We worried there was no way, because of the coldness and because he had been out there all night.

“When they said, ‘He’s fine,’ I’m thinking, Wow. How did that happen? And the answer is because of that dog.”

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