Excerpts From a Dog and a cat diary

Excerpts from a Dog’s Diary… Yes, its a typical day when you have a dog that you love so much

8:00 am – Dog Walk… my favourite thing

9:30 am – Taking my dog in the car… awesome

9:40 am – Taking my puppy to the vet.. not so awesome!

10:30 am – Clean his cannel and feed him

12:00 PM – Lunch with me! well thats a mess

1:00 PM –  Ball time… By ball I mean football

3:00 PM – Cuddles time!!

5:00 PM – Home time, by now he got tired

7:00 PM – Tv.. yes Rusty enjoys watching tv, hilarious!

8:00 PM – How is that for a cool beer drinking moment with my dog. Brak bark

11:00 PM – Sleeping time… no not on my bed again… so much hair, hairy dog!

And you might be wondering, where is my cat… she is hiding! I will tell you all about her in my next post