Ebay shop designer

Ebay shop designer for your ebay store. Why should you outsource it?

eBay in the past, was notoriously convoluted and hard to navigate, but through trial and error, there have been best standards and practices developed that make the process of buying something online very simple. Thanks to the new and fast eBay interface, people can now buy and sell goods or services easier than ever before. Your eBay store plays a crucial role in how your customers convert. Hiring a skilled eBay shop designer will always give you an edge with your competition.

There are many eBay store designers offering their services for first cheap. What you must ensure that your designer abides by every single best practice. Although it can be cumbersome, the advantage of making sure all of these rules are followed is that your store will generate more sales, plain and simple. For example if you design a store for your pet food supplies, this will definitely convert better if its professional designed for high conversion.

Examples of best practices that all web developers must adhere to include:


This best practice demands that the store should make it easy for potential clients to transact. Product images and categories are an added advantage since they provide comprehensive hierarchy for easy navigation. Simplicity also encompasses that the store design quality is inspired and must have considerable information relative to the users’ needs. If you trash this factor, your customers will have to contend with haphazard navigation. Put yourself in their shoes; you cannot find your specific product because you do not understand the navigation. How frustrating does it feel?

Quality cart page

It is important for your eBay store to have an easy to use checkout. This way, your customers can change the quantity of their items or go back to your shop. As a procedural practice, a quality cart page ought to give your clients full control including enabling them to conduct shipping and estimate taxes on the site.

Clear Contact Information of your Business

The one mistake you would not want to commit is to hide your contact information. This will do a lot of harm to the credibility of your business. Your clients will not trust your company and even dread handing over their credit card information to you. The only anecdote to this problem is to display all your contact information on all your auctions!

Such information includes phone numbers and street addresses. This is a best practice in relation to the eBay store design since customers take comfort knowing that they’re dealing with a real company.

Make your listings to the point – Avoid confusing Information

Customers will always turn away from your listings when they encounter confusing information. Most businesses have failed to obey this best practice; take care to avoid such a scenario. To avoid confusion, your listings should include enough information regarding the product being sold. No hi fi colors or designs, pick a decent text size and have every section of the auction filled out. Any redundant information should be removed.

Avoid hidden fees

Indeed, pay attention to this best practice; you must resist the temptation to incorporate any hidden fees. If you do that, you will come off as dishonest. Sadly, this has been a common feature for some eBay sellers. Customers usually end up with excessive shipping or taxes as part of the hidden charges. Parting with a lot of money is something that irks most customers.

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The eBay search engine normally works conveniently for most users. Then again, convenience is what most online customers look for. However, you must add related products to either your listings or the scroll section below. This will improve engagement and boost sales.


Do you want to push your eBay store design to the next level? To the topmost echelons of success? This is only possible if you incorporate the aforementioned best practices. It is in your best interest to hire a competent eBay store designer, make sure the work is done properly and you will surely benefit a great deal!